This Mornings News

is really pissing me off! As I sit here and watch the Today Show, I am getting more and more pissed. What is wrong with the country? Here is what I am having trouble with this morning:

Mom loses custody because of Brest Cancer ~ I don’t know how many of you have heard this story yet. But it totally pissed me off this morning. When I heard this story on Today Show, I did some Googling. Alaina Giordano lost custody of her two children because she has stage 4 breast cancer. I found her blog that she has set up for her story, and I just could not believe what I was reading

Excert from Alaina’s blog ~
Because I have a cancer diagnosis, I have spent the last sixteen months in court defending myself from the attacks of my abusive husband who filed a lawsuit against me in Durham County, NC asking for full, permanent custody of our two children using the argument that I have a cancer diagnosis. He then chose to move to the Chicago area to take a job at Sears Holdings, Inc. leaving our children in my sole physical custody since August 2010

We all know that, as mothers, our children are our strength, our hope, and our driving force. And a judge who does not understand this, does not be sitting on a bench in Family court. This story has my blood boiling, as the judge has made the biggest mistake of her life. IF the judge was a mom, which she isn’t, she would have a better understanding of how critical the children are to the recovery process. Just because Alaina has cancer, does not mean she cannot be a fit mother.

Alaina looked great this morning on TV. Yes, I know, they use makeup and such. But, the woman looked strong, is going for treatment just once a month, has a strong support system (while the petitioning father has NO support system, not even his mom, according to Alaina’s blog). Cancer is NOT a death sentance any more. We have come so far in our medical technology.

I hope and pray that someone out there with the skills, the knowledge, and the heart to help Alaina in her fight for her children. I honestly don’t know who she has for a lawyer, but we all know that when it comes to the courts, it is usually the lawyer with the best argument that wins the case. So, maybe all the blame can’t be laid on the judge, but the majority of it does lay on her shoulders.

Making National News (video) ~ I wasn’t able to embed this video, but it definitely tells more of the story. Please View (link is to Alaina’s Facebook Page)


FEMA is really pissing me off this morning as well!

FEMA Sends out Recoupment Letters

Excert from ABC News Chicago ILL FEMA’s representative told Divito that because insurance covered part of her damage, FEMA made a mistake and shouldn’t have issued her a grant. FEMA officials say they may have mistakenly given out 160,000 grants nationwide since 2005 — totaling more than a half a billion dollars.

FEMA Denies help for VA Tornado Victims ~ FEMA denied McDonnell’s request for Washington and Pulaski counties over the weekend indicating the damage was not severe enough to qualify for federal assistance.

This is another issue that is pissing me off this morning. How are the families of Vaginia suppose to be begin healing and rebuilding when our government won’t help them? Yet, millions and even billions of dallors of are being spent in other countries to help disaster victims.

I was always taught to help your neighbors, but you also don’t put your own family in danger.  So, tell me, how can we be helping other countries, when we have families right here at home that need our government’s help. And then to add insult to injury, FEMA wants money back for funds THEY handed out erroneously. I’m not sure of the best way to handle this situation, but to ask the victims of disasters to repay a mistake that was out of their hands just does not seem like the right way to go.