Sprouts ~ Nutritional and Fun

Growing Sprouts
Growing Sprouts

Our first tray of Sprouts, looking good so far!

We have been hearing so much about Micro-Greens, we decided to give them a try. We hope to have the process down by the time our Farmer’s Market open in just 2 short weeks.  They are fun little plants to watch grow, and if a tray doesn’t work out right, the chickens will love them! Either way we go, we don’t lose.

Nutritional Value

Sprouts are high in nutrition. They are young, so they already have all the nutrition they need for growing into strong plants. The early enzymes make them easy to digest, giving you all that growing nutrition. They also provide you with increased amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals, making them nutrition powerhouses. All considering, sprouts provide excellent quality nutrients and are rich in anti-oxidants.

Varieties of Sprouts

There are a lot of varieties of Sprouts, most common are the Alfalfa and Beans. Sprouts can also be from many other grains, including wheat, rye, brown rice barley and other grains, which are more commonly used in milled flour form. Sprouting grains increase many of the grains grains nutrients, including Vitamin B’s and C, Folate, Fiber and essential amino acids usualy lacking in milled grains.

Where to Buy

You can find sprouts at your local grocery store, but the best place to find them is at a local Farmer’s Market, or Farmer Market Store where fresh, local foods are sold. The advantage to buying at a Farmer’s Market is that you get to know the grower, and their practices. Most farms will even let you take a tour of their farm, but call or schedule the tour before just heading out.

How to Use Sprouts (just a few of the ways)

  • Eat them fresh and uncooked, as a snack
  • Steam and add spices of your choice
  • Stir-fry with other vegetables  (mung bean, alfalfa, radish, or other sprouts)
  • Add to tossed salads (alfalfa, mung beans, or mixed lentils sprouts)
  • Top sandwiches with alfalfa sprouts along with other vegetables and cheeses