Spring Time Update

It seems our geese had the eggs stolen again this year. I’ve got to figure out what is getting those eggs, and how I help protect them a little better. It’s sad to think we have only had one batch of gosling’s here in the past three years.  They were fun to watch, and I miss having them around.

We have our new wildlife feed plot in now. And, right on cue, we get a horse trapped in there. So, I’ve spent the morning unhooking the fence lines, and putting on handles. I knew as soon as we took Cisco out of the heard, and put him up to get ready for our camping trip this weekend, that one of the other horses would find a way into the plot!

Oh well, wasn’t bad, she’s not hurt or cut anywhere, and I”m pretty sure I know where she got in, which will be fixed later. But, handles are now on the fence so that if anybody else decides to try it, it will be easy to get them out.

I’m really looking forward to our camping trip with the horses this weekend. As we join our fellow BCHET members for some good riding time, fellowship, and spring weather (hopefully). We will be hitting a new campground this time, as Meadow Creek had a fire and lost some of their amenities (like the restaurant).

So, this trip, we are heading for Townsend, TN and Orchard Cove Stables. I’m sure our guys will feel very comfortable in these spacious stalls!

And the camping grounds like pretty nice too!

I just hope we don’t meet one of these guys out on the trail!

I’ll have more pictures and some good stories once we return! I hope everyone has been able to get out and start enjoying their horses, and the wonderful weather we have been having.