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The  Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee have been working hard to improve the local trail systems for all users. Our last two workdays have been snowed out but we are determined to have the best trail system east of the Mississippi. So, come on out folks and give us a helping hand. (see details below)

The Unaka Mountain Trails Project is looking up. The parking lot is complete and we have received the go head to begin work on the Limestone Cove Trail (LCT). The trail is currently classified as a Hiking Trail Only. However, once we have cleared the brush and the trees from the trail and thus bring the trail up to horseback riding standards the trail will be reclassified to also allow horseback riding. This is a very important step in the  Unaka Mountain trail system. The completion of this project will provide a loop ride with the Stamping Ground Ridge Trail (SGRT). The SGRT leads to the top of Unaka Mountain and yes the Beauty Spot. Additional work will also be taking place at a later date, on the Stamping Ground Ridge Connector Trail. This trail will allow a complete loop from and to the new parking lot.

We can get this done this winter if we all pull together. If you can just volunteer one or two of your saturdays over the next few months we can make this happen. So, please come out and help.


The Limestone Cove Trail Needs You!

We are looking for a few good folks to help make a dream come true. The trail is located in Unicoi in Limestone Cove.

Our primary goal is to prepare this trail for horseback riding classification. We will need to cut the brush back on both sides of the trail. There are also a several trees which have fallen across the trail which we will need to remove.

How can you help?

We need folks to remove the brush that will be cut from the trail. We need folks to operate hand tools; Lopping Shears, Bow Saws or other manual trimming devices.When?

Saturday Feb 6, 2010 9:00AM – Approximately 4:00PM

We will meet in Unicoi at the USDA Forestry Services building located at 4400 Unicoi Drive.

Contact: Larry Jeffers if you would like to help.

Not yet a member of BCHET? Give Larry a shout at his email, and he’ll hook you right up! Tell him Michelle and Nathan from Cloud 9 Ranch in Greeneville Sent ya! Why should you join BCHET? Find the reasons Here!