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The weather has been terrible here the past couple of days, keeping me inside. I hate sitting inside, cause I feel like I need to be outside this time of year. I sit around all winter (I hate the cold). While winter is a good time to get some craft projects done, it is also the time of year when I work outside the home. So, I don’t feel like doing anything when I am home.

The past couple of days have given me some time to get a few things going around here. I have been reading a lot over at I am THAT Lady.  Lauren is a “Crazy Coupon Lady”. I have decided that it is time for me to really start saving money, and to do so, I’ve started to learn how to use coupons the right way, including all the customer payback programs, when to use the coupons, and how to get cash back on future purchases. Lauren does a great job explaining all this with her weekly shops, her savings and her cash back. She also has some great videos on Youtube, and helps you to understand how to set up your coupon deals. If you don’t already save big with coupons, I highly recommend checking out her site.

I also found a coupon site that gives you a database of grocery stores, their sales, and coupons that you can use to save even further. It’s a neat little database, and I am looking forward to putting this database to work. is probably one of the first coupon sites set up online . I’ve been digging around the site for a couple of days now. And still finding new ideas.


Coupon Binder

I’m sure there are many other great coupon sites out there, but those are the two I’m most fond of right now. Along with doing some reading and learning how to put it all together, I also pulled out my sewing machine, an old three ring binder that zips,  sleeve protectors that I have around here, and some notebook filler paper. I followed Lauren’s video for her binder, only doing my coupon holder sleeve a bit different.

I took my page protector sleeves, and sewed them into thirds, then I took a 1 inch pieces of self-adhesive velcro and put them at the top of each of the slots I made in the sleeves. This helps to hold the coupons in.

I already have a good start on my coupons, thanks to the Sunday Paper, and internet coupon sites. And Lauren is always posting about new coupons to grab on her website!

Three Ring Zipper Binder

Tabbed Dividers

Protector sleeves sewn into thirds


Saving the environment!

As I gathered my coupons and the information to get me started. I realized something else. I should be using my recycled grocery totes. You know, the ones you can get at the front of your grocery store for $1?  Well, I went digging for them, and could only find two of them. And those two would hold as much as the plastic bags. I don’t know about you, but I hate plastic bags, you just can’t get enough into them, and you end up with 5 times the bags, and three times the trips to the car.

An “AhAh Moment ~ I can make my own full size grocery bags! I had to do a quick google search to figure out how to sew the bottoms, but the rest was pretty simple. I just took one of my paper bags from the grocery store and opened it up. I cut the bag in half, and that was my pattern. The only adjustment I made, was I cut a 3” square out of the two bottom corners, this allowed me to make flat bottoms.

I made the pattern and the first grocery bag yesterday, and made 3 more today. I want to get a more made up before the weekend gets here, and see how well they sell at the Farmer’s Market Saturday. Tomorrow I want to try to downsize the pattern and make some smaller ones.  And while I’m at it, I’ll try to remember to finish getting pictures so that I can do a tutorial on them. In the mean time, these are the ones I have completed:

Hand Sewn Grocery Bags

Today's collection of hand sewn, full size grocery bags



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