My Morning Reads

I was up before sunrise this morning. I am sitting here in my Lazy-boy recliner, watching the sun come up and show her beauty to the world. Shadows of darkness are receding, and it looks to be a pretty day out today (regardless of temps). I only wish it was warmer out so I could sit outside on my porch, and listen to the sounds of morning around the ranch. Oh, how I long for those mornings! Specially now that I have my new laptop, and can actually work in different locations!

As I went through my Tweet Deck feed this morning, I thought it would be fun to share some of the tweet links that caught my attention. So, here is my list of links from Twitter. These links are from the hashtag #agchat

US Sees Increase in Women Farmers

Organic vs Conventional Agriculture (I found this post after I published Sustainable or Organic ~ Which is Healthier?)

Values Before Facts in Animal Agriculture

Turkey Burger Recall for Salmonella

Organic Farmers & Seed Sellers Sue Monsanto

I hope you find the links above informative, and I’ll be back later with some pictures and ranch updates!