Lessons learned

So, I’m sure you noticed that the header of the blog is incomplete, and missing items. There is reason for this. I have some work to do,, but please stay tuned as we work to get this site back to normal and read below what happened.

I have been reminded of some valuable lessons this past week. Specially when it comes to websites! I had moved this blog away from where we are now, to another host (Yes, I am self hosted). I was having some issues with the site, and wanted to separate it from my other websites to figure out what was going on. I bought a new design (I usually do this on my own), and kept the site hosted elsewhere for over a year (since the last post on here anyways). Photos, of Zac, information on the farm,, and so much more.

Well, two weeks ago, I couldn’t get to my back office, or pull up the website!! With calls and emails into the host, I patiently waited. Then, I filed a dispute with Paypal when my bill was paid, and guess what?? I got a refund of my service fee within hours!

Now, I’m not sure what is going on with WAHM Hosting, and at this point, I don’t care. I was lied to about her services. Come to find out, she was reselling hosting with Godaddy, which is fine, if you inform your customers. But, I have now lost everything from the past year and cannot get it back.

In a way, this is good for me, I suppose. I can now get back on track and work this blog like it is meant to be used. I don’t do giveaways here, I don’t do a lot of big name branding work. I started this blog as a way to keep information for the farm. When I need info, I want an easy place to find it. I want my grandson to be able to come here and look and see how much he means to us. I want others to come here and just relax, enjoy our pictures, our stories and recipes, and share in the fun we have.

Lessons Learned:

BACK UP your websites. I’ve been online and working with websites since 2004, when I first started making websites and working with a wonderful host. I know this lesson, very well as a matter of fact. But, because I got busy, and then lazy, and then just plain forgot. I am now pretty much starting from scratch.

From today forward, look for more new images, and maybe some old ones as I rebuild this site, and hopefully you will join us on FB as well. We would love to have you come out and visit us sometime, and just sit around and chat, take a walk, or visit with our animals.