All-Natural, Non-GMO Jams & Jellies for your year-round enjoyment.

Just like with our pastries & pies, our jams & jellies are made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, locally sources when possible. All our jams & jellies are made right here in our farm kitchen.

Our Current Flavors:

Apple, Jalapeno, Blackberry, Watermelon

Is there a flavor not listed you'd like us to make? Please let us know.

Some Quick Q&A

How do you add that nice "solidity" to your jams and jellies?

We try our best to get them to jell without using pectin, but that does not always work in our favor, so when we have to, we will use a low sugar pectin, to avoid adding too much sugar to our recipes

Do you use pectin or sugar?

Only when we have to.

Are your jams and jellies available year-round?

If we have any left over from market season we will continue to sell. Since we use mostly our own produce to make these, it really depends on the harvest we have had.

For our full jams & jellies FAQs, please see our FAQs page.

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