How To Store Market Fresh Lettuce at Home


It’s Farmers Market Season! And if you are a big salad eater like we are, you want to make sure your farm fresh lettuce stays fresh. And just like every Farmers Market is different, every Farmer’s salad mix is different. Try several and see what you like best.

As soon as you get home from market, put your salad mix in a “breathable” container. I love the ones from Rubbermaid®!

Don’t wash your salad mix until you are ready to use it! Washing will promote decay, especially if you don’t let it dry all the way. I like to put a paper towel in the bottom of my container to help absorb any condensation that builds up.

When you do wash, you want to make sure you spin it dry with a small salad spinner. Salad dressing does not like wet lettuce, and will run right off your leaves!

Honestly, can you think of a better time of year to enjoy fresh salads? Oh wait! I can, when all the other goodies, like tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, and radishes are in abundance! But, in the meantime, enjoy some fresh green salad from your local Farmers! They will appreciate the support. And give them your feedback, farmers love to hear what you think about their produce.

What are some of your favorite items to find at your local Farmers Market?



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