Hoop House Growing

As we bring this year to a close, there have been many changes around here. Today, I want to tell you all about our newest project, our Hoop House. What is a Hoop House? Simple, think of a green house without the heating. Our goal is to extend our growing season and bring you fresh veggies not only earlier in the season, but longer into the cold season!

We started the project in Oct, when we cleared the ground for the house. It was a family work day, and all hands were on deck, including a good friend of ours who brought his bobcat over to help dig the ditch drainage line and level our ground a little bit. While every one else was outside enjoying a hot day, I was inside, cooking chicken in the crock pots (yes, more then one). We cooked up three varieties of chicken that day, some baked beans, corn bread, green beans and other goodies for all the hard workers!

Nathan, with the help of Ryan and Earl, has made significant progress, and we should see the project completed by the end of the year!


Look for another update soon! I have more pictures, but have to get them uploaded!


Till Next Time,