Homemade Salsas, jams and jellies

Cloud 9 Ranch is honored to bring you some awesome homemade gifts for this Christmas Season. With less then 3 months before Christmas, now is the time to place your orders for home-made goodies.

Cloud 9 Ranch has produced some great tomatoes this year, along with the help of our neighbors who grow peppers, and more tomatoes then they could harvest before moving. We have made several batches of salsa, from sweet to hot, and in three different sizes. All ingredients are hand-picked at the peak of freshness, and only the best make it into the salsa.

Close up of Salsa

Close up of Salsa

Sorry, we are sold out of the hot Salsa!
Due to changes in state laws, I will not be making the salsa’s, jams and jellies for sale this year. Hopefully things will get changed and I will be able to start again next year. Instead I will be selling fresh veggies straight from the garden.

We were also able to harvest enough blackberries to make a couple of batches of blackberry jam and jelly. Wild Blackberries, in my humble opinion, are the best! The flavor is like no other, and the color is perfect. These were also picked at the peak of freshness, and “packed” away till I had enough to make the jams and jellies.