Heat Wave in Tennessee

It has been brutally hot here the past couple of days, with the humeture up in the triple digits. Even the chickens are staying home in the afternoon! It’s true, I can go outside during between noon and 2 and the chickens are in their coop. At about the same time, the horses can be found in the pond, and the dogs are usually in the house with me. This is how we beat the summer heat!

Early mornings and late evenings are reserved for blackberries. We are gathering between 8 and 16 pounds a trip out. And they are selling faster then we can pick them! We actually had the hospital where Nathan works order some blackberries, and I am guessing they will continue to buy as long as we can supply them. Wish us luck in this area! The berries are coming in quicker then we can get them. It’s a good thing we have several areas that we can pick. I like rotating the “patches” and letting the red berries develop as we get the nice big fat juicing ones!

While I have not been able to get out there last night or tonight, Nathan is going out faithfully. I’m in the house with the “kids”, while Val took the baby and head to LA (Lower Alabama) for her Grandmother’s funeral. Since Earl works at night, I am watching Joseph and Iva. Both are good kids, and like helping out. Iva really enjoys the chickens, while Joseph likes to get out and ride his bike around the property.

Our tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. I am so ready to start making some salsa and spaghetti sauce. Our jalapeno peppers are doing good and our sweet peppers are finally starting to come in. Our onions are still in the ground, waiting for everything else to catch up.  I did pull up some radishes yesterday, and planted a few more. Our Strawberry plants are slowly going back in the ground. I’m sure glad they can be kept out of the ground for a bit. It’s so hard to find to plant right now, between the berries and the heat. Next week is suppose to be a bit cooler, so maybe I will be able to stay out a bit longer and get some things done.


OH! I did make a new recipe yesterday! I’m not one for zucchini, but I truly enjoy the Zucchini Parmesan I made. But, I have to admit, I did miss my meat. I wonder how it would be with some sausage mixed in with it? No,, I didn’t get any photos, I was kinda busy with kids, kitchen and trying to cheer up Nathan. But, that is a story for another time.  I also started grating (with the blender) zucchini for freezing for future recipes. Should prove to be an interesting season. I hate wasting food, so I’m taking some large squash that our neighbor had, and will be trying different recipes throughout the winter.