What’s Happening on the Ranch

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by! And cooler weather is setting back in, at least for a couple of days.  I’ve been able to get some work done outside, and hopefully, haven’t killed any of my plants.

My June-Bearing strawberries have stopped producing, so I pulled the ones out of the front bed, and have them separated into pots. This bed now holds just my ever-bearing berries and a couple of flowers. Everything will be removed from the bed and the soil reworked and made ready for next year. I still have my hill side bed that I need to get the berries out of, along with the flowers, and rework that as well.

Front bed with the june bearing berries removed (and Grayson chilling in the shade)

I’m looking forward to putting these back in the ground after I have reworked the beds. I am even thinking of ordering some nice pots and selling them. We will see if I can get some decent prices for the pots. The rest of the garden is doing well. I have some Roma tomatoes forming, I’ve picked 4 zucchinis, out of the garden already, and should be getting some cucumbers before the week is out. The bush beans that I planted in my tires in doing great. On the other hand, onions were planted in ground that is too hard (all clay) for them to develop. I’ve pulled those up, and have put them in some pots, and hoping they will retake and grow. Lesson learned! My radishes are doing so-so. And my peppers are starting look pretty good. It’s been a tough year for us with the garden, but I continue to think of ways to improve things for next year.

We are letting the chickens out of the coop during the day now. They love to run the yard, and the pasture back behind their coop! They pretty much tend to  stay in the coop, or under the hen house during the hottest part of the day. I have to say, I’m getting a kick out of them. Whenever I go out the side door, they come running to see me. Remember, I’m the one that fought against chickens for so long! I figured for sure Boo Boo would break her tie-out line to get to them, but now that she is use to them running around they yard, she is pretty good about leaving them alone.

The chickens first day out.

We also got the gable side of the house repaired. And What a difference it makes! Not only in looks, but I’ve noticed that the front of the house does not heat up so much during the day, when the sun is beating down on it! The new look is more what we wanted, and now we can’t wait to finish at least the front of the house and have our “country” home! You can see the difference in the photo below.

Loving the new siding on the house! Can’t wait to get the front side done.

Thunder is still at the trainers, I hear she is doing great. We hope to get out there tomorrow evening and get some video and see for ourselves how she is coming along. I’m excited to see her and check on her progress.  Star, on the other hand, has not been doing so well. She does great as long as you don’t have any weight in the saddle, or have a light-weight on her. But when an adult gets on her, her ears pin back, and she stoves up (refuses to move). I noticed her spine is raised on the back end. I’m thinking this could be the problem. I’ve got a call into the vet, but I’m wondering if an equine chiropractor would be more in line. If nothing else, we will use her for teaching kids ride, and as a brood mare.

Oh,, and Cole is doing much better. We took him off the Gatorade, and he started going again! YEA! no more cranky baby! He loves a horse tapestry I have hanging on my wall in the living room, he could spend all day looking at one horse in particular on there. I don’t know if it is because it is the only figure he can actually make out, or if he just loves horses lol. I’m opting for the later He is alert, and loves to look around, he is cooing, and smiling a good deal now  when he isn’t hungry He’s up to 6 oz a feeding, about every 3-4 hours, and growing like a weed. Seriously, he is growing as quick at the weeds around here!