Giving Thanks

Last Wednesday, I got busy in the kitchen early to start prepping for Thanksgiving Dinner with my family. While we were not going to do Thanksgiving until Friday, because of work schedules, I wanted to get a head start on some of the menu. I also had an event I was making breads for.

I started the Holiday like I do every other Holiday, making those family phone calls and letting everyone know they are in my thoughts and prayers, and that I miss and love them. First two calls (Mom and Dad) went unanswered, so moved on to my brother, who I got to speak with for a bit. It was a good conversation, and I felt like I made some headway in making one of my Mom’s wishes come true (a better relationship with him).  Called my daughter in FL, no answer, and left a message.


As I have a batch of Cushaw bread in the oven, and I’m making the Mashed Sweet Potatoes, my phone rings, it’s my mom. Or so I thought. My son has called to tell us he just found his Grandmother had passed during the night. I tell him I’ll be there as soon as I can, and to get Dave, a family over there. He had already called Dave, and 911. I did NOT want my son left alone on this day.

The family meets down (or up, depending on where we were coming from) in GA at her home. It will probably be the last time this family gets together. I feel like I have lost such  a huge chunk, because not only did I lose my Mom, but we have lost the one connection that kept us together.

So, How is this about Giving Thanks? Because I am thankful that I was able to make amends with my Mom before she passed. I’m thankful she taught me so many life lessons. I’m thankful she was strong in so many ways. I’m thankful she is with our Lord, her husband, parents and sister, and is not alone. I’m thankful she loved us the best she knew how, and that she did the best she could with us.

I’m thankful that she taught me to be graceful, to give where and when I can. I’m thankful we were able to become friends, even though I gave her a very hard as a kid. I’m thankful she forgave me for all the crap I had thrown at her, and thankful she taught me how to love even in the toughest of times. I’m thankful she showed me that family is important.

While there is so much I have yet to accomplish in my own life, I am thankful she taught me that perseverance and keeping focus can get you there.

We still have not had our Thanksgiving Dinner, and we probably won’t this year. But, I do know that every year following this year, we will always feel differently about this day, this day of Thanks.