Getting Ready for the County Fair

I can remember growing up in our small New England town, and checking out the Round House (pictured below) and all the wonderful smells and sights. I was surprised when I found a video of my Uncle Pete doing an interview a couple of years ago about the Franklin County Fair and found it interesting. Franklin County Fair is the longest running, uninterrupted fair in the country, 169 years this year. Here is the link in case you might be interested. Our family has such a rich history with this fair, from parking cars on our property to helping set up the 4 day event and making sure things went smoothly. Recipes and crafts being entered, and games being played.

*Pictures were “stolen” from Franklin County Fair Facebook Page

Living right across the street from the fair grounds, the sounds and smells came into my room at night, and lulled me to sleep. Or I would stare out my window at the lights of the rides, the sounds of demolition derby or watch the horses race by on the track. The house may be gone, and Nana’s place may not be the same, but the memories from those long ago days stay with me. Even as I compare the Greene County Fair to my own Hometown Fair, it is a sure sign that shorter days, cooler weather and fall colors are not too far away.

It is with those memories that will carry me through my days this next week, as I HAVE to get my jams and jellies ready.The deadline to enter is THIS SATURDAY (where has the time gone??). So, today, I am working on a new jelly recipe that I have not tried before, and praying that it works out. This jelly recipe has no added pectin, and uses honey instead of sugar, with some cinnamon, clove and nutmeg added to remind you of some awesome apple pie!

I’m sorry to say, somewhere this post got lost in the shuffle. Our fair was like 4 months ago, and I DID get the jellies ready in time! AND to top that off, I won a First (Spicy Apple) and Third (Peach) place ribbons with my jellies!