Fall is Here

Did I mention how pretty it is out today,or that I am outside enjoying the weather while it is so nice?  Today, my goal is to get the greenhouse cleaned up and organized so I can try keeping some plants going through winter.  I’m getting things I don’t use up out of the way, and making sure I have the space to try a couple of ideas I have. I’m really looking forward to trying my greenhouse this winter. It’s 65° F here today, and let me tell you,, it is HOT in that greenhouse! My cauliflower that I have out there is really loving this. I need to get a thermometer to go in out there. I would keep the door open, but then the chickens would be in there. They know that is where I keep their feed.

I came inside to get the cushaw I am have in the oven out, and check facebook, only to find out we had an Earthquack about 65 miles NW of us. Interesting, cause I did not feel a thing, even though I have talked to others that felt it in Knoxville, about 40 miles southeast of us. But then again, it was about the same time a bunch of the critters around here sounded off. And people wonder why I listen to my animals!

As for the Cushaws, they are getting prepped to make breads and pies with, and to store in the freezer for the start of next season. Funny how much I want to get done when the weather is pretty, and I load myself up with work! But, I don’t think I would have it any other way. I will be selling some of the breads, pies and seeds locally, to help pull us through the Holiday season.

Our bee-keeper was out last week, and brought us two jars of honey from the hive we have on our property. And let me tell you… it is some goooood honey! And the fact that our plants helped to produce this honey, makes it all the better! We have talked about getting a couple of hives and doing the bees ourselves, but with me being alergic to bees, we have decided against it. I don’t mind having them on the property, and I have even gotten brave enough to mess with these just a little bit. But, I do not want to have to handle them myself and take any chances. Nathan stays so busy now, I don’t know where he would find the time to take care of them. So, we will just let Joel handle the bees.

Walnuts are falling like crazy again this year. Whoever said they only produce every other year did not know what they were talking about! It’s time to start gathering them again, and setting them out to break the hulls off. we will let the vehicles do this job. I still have a lot I need to shell from last year. I was told that if you let them sit for a year, they are easier to pick out of the shells. We shall see. I will be selling these locally also, along with using them in my baking.

I’m beginning to think I don’t have any slow seasons around here. When one season ends, another begins and it is time to move on to the next project. This is the way our forefathers have lived and worked all their lives. And I feel honored that I am able to do the same.

While this post was written a couple of weeks ago, and a lot has happened since then, I still need to get it out there.