Free-range hens are happier, healthier and produce better eggs.

We collect eggs twice daily, to avoid any of the eggs getting broken (which is not always a success). Our eggs can be found at Depot Street Farmer's Market every Saturday from 9 am to 1 PM, May thru Sept, delivered weekly to Boone Street Market in Jonesborough and straight off the farm. Call us at 423-972-1263 to come to the farm for a pick up or to make other arrangements. You can also order online from our Square store, for a Saturday morning pick up at the market, or a farm pick up.

Cloud 9 Ranch boasts 3 custom-built chicken coops for our Barnyard Mix, Gold Sexlinks and Buff Orpington hens. We feed our hens a carefully-balanced diet of Layers Pellets feed, and are free-ranged during the day.

Freshly-laid Eggs

Our eggs are never more then a week old when you purchase from Cloud 9 Ranch. We take special care to rotate any stock that may be on hand.  You can always be assured that we don't alter our eggs in any way.  We offer eggs in both one dozen and 2 1/2 dozen flats.

Free Roaming

Our hens have full access to beautiful 56-acre farm. They roam freely and enjoy the bounties of scavenging, and socializing. The only time our hens are placed in their coops is during the night to protect them from predators. We ensure our hens have access to their coops all year round. You might think we spoil our girls just a little bit, as they get water heaters and warm cozy houses during the winter and fans in their houses during the summer. Their houses get cleaned out weekly, and sometimes more often in the winter when it is muddy.


C9R Egg & Hen Quick Info

  • A mix of Buff Orpingtons, several laying Gold Sexlinks,  and even some barnyard mix!
  • 63 hens total
  • 3 fully-covered, custom-built coops with nesting boxes
  • Always free-roaming, except at night when they are locked in their coops for protection from preditors.
  • Segregated hen "housing" for protection and juvenile hens


We feed our chickens Layers Pellets from the local Co-Op. We've pledged never to feed our chickens a diet with any chemicals, preservatives, steroids or antibiotics. They also have access to our full 56 acres. As they roam with the horses and cows. By letting them roam as they do, they are sure to get the best diet possible.

Proper Raising & Separation

When our hens are babies, we keep them segregated from the adult chickens for their protection. As they grow, we move them into a second isolated space where they can see the adults. When the juveniles are old enough to lay eggs, they're introduced to the whole brood. Cloud 9 Ranch separates and raises our hens this way to make sure all our hens are protected and healthy. 

While our hen houses are nothing fancy, they are safe and secure for the girls to come at night, and to lay their eggs. Our houses are all made from recycled material, keeping our landfills clean of the extra debris.

For further information about our chickens please see our "how are your chickens raised?" blog post.

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