Down Time for the Girls

The “girls” had some down time over the winter. I took away their “night lights” and their heat lamp. Not that they really needed the extra heat this past winter anyways, as it was pretty mild, even if it was wet. But we did have some pretty cold nights. At the same time, I decided it was time to make sure they would stay healthy throughout the up-coming season by giving them some treats to help optimize their production.


Some of the Girls enjoying the green grass of spring

Since I had actually taken the eggs off market for six weeks, I had some “extras” laying around (pun intended). So, not only did the dogs get an egg with their dinners, the girls also received a few scrambled eggs over this time. That’s right, they had scrambled eggs once a week!

Eggs are actually good to feed back to your hens, as they provide plenty of protein, Vitamins A and E, and are a good source of Beta Carotene. So, what is good for us, is also good for our hens (even if they did lay them). I have not had a problem with the hens eating their own eggs after they laid them, as some had thought the hens would.

Hanging out around Jake's kennel

Hanging out around Jake’s kennel

They must have loved their down time and healthy treats, as they are actually producing really well right now. Last year, we could not get our production over 65%. Since we have gone back into production, it is currently up to 87% for the month of March. And I am now facing a new dilemma, what am I going to do with all these eggs?

Yes, Market season opens back up in May, but that is still  1 and a 1/2 months away! So, what do YOU do with all your extra eggs? Share your posts with your creative ideas, and you just might see my rendition here!