Call Me Crazy

Okay, so call me crazy. I have until Jan 4, 2010 off from work, and what do I do? I went shopping today. Not for presents, but for crafting supplies! I ended up getting some beads that I have been wanting to make things with, and some more magnetic clasp (gotta love those magnets!). It took me half an hour to go just 10 miles, thanks to all the last minute shoppers out. Town is crazy, drivers are rude, and I just kept smiling.

I finally get off the main roads, and on to our nice, quiet road home, which is actually a state highway. There is a fabric shop on the way home, that I have been dying to go into since they opened earlier this year. I had been staying out, because I don’t need any more “projects” to do. I keep pretty busy on my own.

As I was driving towards the shop, my truck started slowing down, I’m thinking to myself, “I really don’t need to go in there”.  The truck turns into the parking lot, almost on it’s own accord. Okay, I give, I’ll leave my money in the truck and just go look around”.

It’s a neat little shop, with all kinds of older items. Reminded me of a nicer flea market / consignment shop. Really cute stuff, I told the man working I could get into a lot of trouble in that place! He laughed as he showed me around. Some adorable old-timey Christmas stuff that you just don’t see any more. Quality stuff, that can’t be found.

Then, we came to the fabric section of the shop ~ OMG ~ I’m in HEAVEN! They have such a great selection of meterial, and so very helpful! As I’m walking around, I start getting all kinds of neat ideas for different things I’m seeing. From Placemats, pot holders, aprons, pillows, blankets, purses and so much more!

I spied a piece of material that I just had to have. Not for me, but for a very special friend, who will absolutely love what I have planned for it. It’s the one gift I want to give this year, even if it does get to her late! Barnyard animals, including horses, cows, chickens, and sunflowers! The moment I saw it, I knew I had to get it. At first, I thought about some pillows for her, but then, I thought it would make some neat place mats for her table, and her babies will love it too!

From 2009-12-23