Mother’s Day Round-Up

It’s been a busy weekend around here, but a fun weekend. The temps are warming up nicely, we have been in the high 70’s / low 80’s for our daytime temps, and the nights are staying above 50°. It’s been perfect for opening the house up, and getting some fresh air moving around in here. Although, today I did have to turn the AC on around 3 PM.

I called my mom today, and had a nice chat with her. I was hoping to be able to take Val and the baby down to visit her before Val had to start work, but things didn’t work out that way. Mom said she already has hummingbirds around her place. She planted a few tomato and green pepper plants. She also said she has some wild blackberries growing.

As I reflect over the years, I am amazed at all that Mom has done, for herself and her family. She raised her kids to be smart, even if we were a bit late in learning our lessons. She cared for her parents when they needed her. She offered her advice (even if it wasn’t asked from her). She did the best she could by her kids, and try to give us all that we needed.  At 69 years old, she is still going strong, though I worry about her, because she complains of aches and pains and won’t go to the doctors (and I wonder where I get it from?)

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you

Sherry and Mysty spent some time in the round pen Friday. They are doing so well together. I think they will make such an awesome team! Sherry did take Mysty outside the round pen, and rode her in the small pasture. Mysty actually acted up a bit, nothing much, just some dancing and prancing. Sherry was quick to get her back under control. Mysty just wanted to go back to her own field, and be with her family. After all, it is Mother’s Day Weekend, and she has two daughters in the field!



Valorie and Earl were out Friday as well. They brought Zack over, and Earl tried getting a turkey (no luck there). This was Valorie’s first “official” Mother’s Day. Another milestone in our relationship has been reached. Though there are questions I cannot answer for her (I didn’t breastfeed), I am always here to give her my advice (sought out or otherwise). I have to say, I’m proud of the way she has adapted to motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day Valorie ~ Love Zack


I also got a chance to my other daughter, Barb, and my son, Corey. Both live in Florida, where they were raised, and are doing well. Barb was in the Marines, and is now using her GI Bill to continue her education in accounting. More power to this girl! I was never good in math, and by the time she reached 8th grade, she was beyond my understanding of the subject! She is a talented young lady who loves to read, do crafts, and spend time with her cat and dog. She just sent me a picture of a diaper bag that she painted for her sister and nephew, and I can’t wait to see it!

Diaper bag hand painted by Barb

So, That is how my Mother’s Day Weekend has been spent, What did you do?

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