Memorial Day Weekend in Pictures

The ckicken coop is finished with a tarp for shade, hay in the nesting boxes, and a good fence to keep out any preditors.


The "girls" have come home. The only one named so far is the red-head, and her name is Corey (after my red-headed son lol). I'm sure she will prove to be the ornery one.


Valorie, finally back in the saddle. First time back on her horse since she got pregnant with her son Zack last y

Zack turns 8 weeks today. He's been dealing with a tummy virus for the past week, and he isn't taking Moma's milk anymore.


So,this pretty much brings you up to date, except for the garden, which is starting to bloom and explode with veggies. We finally got all our plants in the ground. Still gotta get the corn planted though, hoping to get that done in the morning before it gets too hot!


The weather has been pretty freaky this year. ‘from below normal temps this past winter, tonadoes in the mountians, and record breaking high temps this week, I can only pray that things settle down and return to normal soon. Whatever “normal” be these days!



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4 Responses

  1. Great chicken coop!

    I hope little Zack feels better asap!

    Thanks for linking up with my WW post!

    • msteiner says:

      Thanks for stopping by Charise,
      Zack is feeling a bit better, but his tummy is still bothering him. He was in the saddle for the first time today, I’ll be posting pictures this weekend!

  2. I love, love, love reading about life on the ranch. I live in Silicon Valley about as far from ranch life as it’s possible to get but I dream. Thank you for the update!

    • msteiner says:

      Thanks for stopping in Alison! You can live on the ranch through me ;), I’ll gladly share with you. Look for another update from the ranch by Sunday night.

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