Farm Fresh Products

We offer fresh picked produce, free range eggs, jellies and baked goods directly from our Farm Stand located at the front of our property. We open the stand as soon as the first veggies are ready for sale, or if we have plants available for sale.  IF you would like to order our breads.  Please use the form below if you wish to pre-order your breads and other farm fresh needs.

Our breads are made with a Certified Non-GMO, naturally aged flour. Other ingredients are bought locally whenever possible. Breads such as Cushaw, and Zucchini are made with produce right out of the garden.  We offer a fruit pie (AKA Fried Pies), which are baked instead of fried.

2015 Garden Season

This year, we have:
Marketmore Cucumbers
Pickling Cucumbers
Yellow Squash
Green Beans
Sweet Peppers

Baked Goods Offered:
Cushaw Bread and Muffins
Zuchinni Bread and Muffins
Apple Muffins
Blackberry Muffins
Apple Hand Pies
Blackberry Hand Pies
Strawberry Hand Pies
Sourdough Bread

Other Products available:
Peach Jelly (Blue Ribbon Winner @ 2014 Greene County Fair)
Apple Jelly
Blackberry Jam



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