Boarding Services

We offer full stall, field, and stall with turnout, each offering different advantages. We offer mare care, foal imprinting, gentling, and much more. If your horse needs special care, we work our schedule around their needs, and do our best to make any horse happy, healthy and most importantly, feel safe. We offer Fastrack© Microbial and Fortifier.

Negative Coggins are required to be on property with the horse. Any special care that needs to be discussed will be addressed and prices adjusted accordingly.

Full Stall Boarding ~

We offer open air stalls that are 12 x 12. Stalls are picked clean and horses are fed twice daily. Full clean out with new sawdust weekly. We supply the sawdust, you supply the feed \ hay.

$300 Monthly with signed contract

Stall with Turn-out ~

If you want your horse in the comfort a stall at night, but turned out during the day, (or visa versa), we can accommodate you. We have two smaller pastures that we use for turn-out. Both offer room for the horse to stretch their legs, run around, and be horses. We turn out no more then 2 horses per pasture.

$150 Monthly with signed contract

Expecting Mare Care ~

If you are expecting a foal, but don’t feel you have the time, knowledge, or space to put the mare up, bring her to us. We absolutely love dealing with mares and the foals. Please call for more information about this service.

$350 with signed contract

Foal Imprinting ~

As everyone knows by now, it is much easier to imprint on a foal then to wait until they are ready to be weaned and / or broke to work with young ones. We specialize in imprinting the foals, and getting them use to handling, from touching all over, halter broke, leading
and even trailer loading. Call for more information on this service

$400 Monthly with signed contract

We believe in having fun with the horses while we are in there cleaning the stalls, and will also take the time to enjoy them. Unless the horse is a “threat” to us, we work around the horse during clean out, and take some time to with each one.

Full Time Field ~

If you are just looking for a place to turn out your horse, then we have approx. 30 acres, with pond and trees, to let your horse run. We take the time to introduce new horses to the “herd” and make sure there are no problems at time of full turnout.

$75 Monthly with signed contract

If you are needing short – term boarding, we can accommodate you. Need a couple of nights Lay-over, or are you going out of town? We can arrange a stall or field to accommodate your needs. Contact us for more information.



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