Life at Cloud 9 Ranch Living, Loving and Laughing on the Farm

Growing Sprouts

Sprouts ~ Nutritional and Fun

We have been hearing so much about Micro-Greens, we decided to give them a try. We hope to have the process down by the time our Farmer’s Market open in just 2 short weeks....


Prepping Garden Beds

Ever have one of those days when you feel like your are not meeting your goals? That was me this morning, as we were working in the garden, getting the beds ready for plants....

Hanging out around Jake's kennel

Down Time for the Girls

The “girls” had some down time over the winter. I took away their “night lights” and their heat lamp. Not that they really needed the extra heat this past winter anyways, as it was...

The Garden

Days of Old ~ My Intro to Gardens

I can remember growing up in the rural community of Greenfield MA. We had about 15 acres of land, most was open field, and some was woods. During the winters, we would take out the...

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