Autumn Bring Rest

Welcome to the Fall Season. This is a time of year when we can start to relax just a bit, as the days grow shorter. Soon, cooler weather will be sure to fallow. Now is when you see summer gardens getting turned under, fall gardens should be planted and on their way to production. It’s a time of year I like to settle down just a little bit, and not run full speed ahead to get everything done. The trees will soon be coming to their glory with their fall colors, before Old Man Winter set in. It is a time of year to reflect on the years past, and make plans for the coming spring.

Our Salsa has been a hit, even with those that do their own canning! Nathan took some to work, and I’ve ended up selling most of my stock to the girls he works with! I am honored to have these ladies purchase the it, and the compliments have been such a boost! I am beginning to wonder if I have a hidden talent I knew nothing about. I do plan on having a larger section of tomatoes next year, and I will be trying the good, old-fashioned way of tying them up! Our neighbors garden yielded such a wonder harvest of tomatoes, I’m still getting them! Of course, they have sold their house and are no longer living there, and I just can’t let them go to waste!

We are not doing a fall garden. Instead, I’m taking some time to learn more about gardens, and planning a full size garden for next year. I have to say, there is one book I have found to be of particular help to me, 3-Step Vegetable Gardening: The Quick and Easy Way to Grow Super-Fresh Produce. Believe it or not, I’ve never had my own garden, but things just came so naturally to me this year, and I had such a good time growing, caring, harvesting and making things, that I just have to grow more next season. But, I wanted to make sure I was ready for planting come spring, and decided to find a book to help me refer back to. And this one has been it! Even funnier, what I thought was veggies, are fruits, and visa versa.

This book is also great for those of you who have limited space, such as apartments or condo, or who don’t have the room to do a “regular” garden. With instructions, hints, and tips for container gardens, raised bed gardens, and much more. If you EVER thought about doing a garden, but some reason, have not, then I highly recommend this book. 3-Step Vegetable Gardening: The Quick and Easy Way to Grow Super-Fresh Produce will take you from buying your seeds, to harvest and turning your soil. It is a must have for any beginning gardener, and even for those who are looking to expand their knowledge.

3 Step Vegetable Gardening

3 Step Vegetable Gardening

Honestly, my two favorite holidays happen during the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I have loved Halloween since the kids were little, and we would do parties at the house every year, instead of going trick or treating. Now, I love to decorate, but my tastes have changed since the kids are no longer at home (save one). It use to be ghouls and goblins, witches and warlocks. Now, it is hay bales and scarecrows, harvest baskets and lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

At Diamond M Sales, we have started our Fall sales. From Halloween to Country Harvest, and even Thanksgiving items are being added. With all the good foods and good friends that are in lives and that we share so much with, there is no way you cannot feel blessed!

We are going back into the kitchen, but this time, we are going to be doing some baking.  So, watch for some great recipes to come around, and helpful tips that help you prepare ahead of time.

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