Another Rainy Day

What a wonderful week this is turning out to be. It’s Hump Day, so if I can make it through today, I’ll be good to go. I did manage to get some of the vegetable plants put into larger pots yesterday, and brought some of the smaller ones that weren’t doing so well inside.

It can’t get much more soggy around here, but we are due rain the rest of the week, with snow in the higher elevations by Friday.  Where, oh Where, has my spring time gone! Only one day left in March, and it is our wettest March on record for quiet some time. April is looking up to be a wet month as well.

We really need to work on our dam for our pond, before the end of the rainy season, so that the pond doesn’t get to low, like it has in the past. Maybe next week, when Nathan is off, I can bring a load of dirt home after work, and we can put in some more sand bags to build the it back up.

What are some of your spring projects for your place? Has Spring hit in your area yet?