Another Project Complete

While Nathan is out today, working on the barn extension roof, I’ve been working on sewing projects. Today, I was able to finish off another set of place-mats. I’m having more fun making these, and am going to make pot holders to match! And I’m finding more and more material that will make great sets, and already have two more prints picked out, and have to go pick it up.

So, why am I making all these things? Simple, I want to be able to have a decent inventory come spring when I am doing offline events. And taking the cold months to make them, so that I don’t go completely crazy. For those of you that don’t know, I hate the cold! So, along with doing some sewing projects, I’m still busy making jewelry.

I’m also using a new online shop to sell these hand crafted items from! It’s an extension of Diamond M Sales Western and Native American Gifts, but I also wanted to keep it somewhat separate. And, should you visit, please bare with the mess, as I work to organize and clean up the images some. It’s hard to get good pictures when your working by yourself!

Here is a photo of my latest work:

For more information on ordering your custom Place-mats, visit our Shop It store!