Nathan and Michelle Hudson

Nathan and Michelle Hudson

Nathan and Michelle moved onto the farm in 2006, and started farming in 2012. After experimenting with growing for the family, and finding they both truly enjoyed the benefits. Neither realized at the time, where their adventure was taking them. Over the years, the garden area has been moved several times, they have experimented with growing various types of vegetables, fruits and melons. Over time, both have learned new skills, and have come into their own management style on the farm, and are working closely to bring naturally grown produce and beef to market. In 2017, the addition of a 30' x 72' High Tunnel was approved with NRCS, and in 2018, was put into operation. Along side the High Tunnel, a new garden area is being created using the Back To Eden method.

Michelle Steiner Hudson

Michelle was born in Massachusetts, and  was raised on a small family farm until she was 13, when her family moved to SW Florida. After years of being away from agriculture, her love for nature brought her dreams to full circle. Today, she manages the garden. "I pretty much do all the garden and market work, waiting for the day Nathan retires from his outside job to join me in the fields."

She works with thier children during the summer month, teaching them the ins and outs of the operation. "I want the kids to be able to continue operating the farm, and continue to grow, should anything ever happen to me".  While the grand kids learn about plants, soil, and the sciences that go into growing. Hoping one day they will be able to further advance the farm by finding new and interesting ways to put un-usable portions of the property back into play. "It's a true family operation".

Nathan Hudson

Nathan was born and raised in SE Florida, and moved to TN in 2005, getting hit by 5 hurricanes in one season was enough for him. With an interest in farming, but no experience or knowledge, he started on his venture with Michelle in 2007. On Property, he is the Handy Man, ranch hand, and mechanic. He has gained his knowledge through workshops and hands on experience, working with the farm vet, and trial and error (not always the best way to go, but hard lessons are the best learned). "I'm just waiting for the day to retire from my outside, so that I can put more time into the farm, and bring it to the point where I can help more in the growing fields".

Nathan works with their sons, teaching them the ins and outs of animal care, planning for the future. "We are building this farm to have something to leave the kids that will help them become self - sustaining". Nathan and the boys work with the cows and help the girls with field prep, along with buildings and other maintenance projects.

Happy Trails!

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