Nathan and Michelle Hudson

Nathan and Michelle Hudson

Michelle Steiner Hudson

I am the "internet expert" in our house, though I am far from any kind of expert.  I am also the Barn Manager of our place, but I wear many different hats during the day, and I love every minute of it. I am given the freedom to work the job that needs to be done with the highest priority, and the creative freedom to do things "my way" (even if it isn't always right).

I love to work in the garden, growing fresh produce, and home canning. I do a lot of canning during the summer months, making salsa's, spaghetti sauce, blackberry jams from the wild blackberries that grow on the farm, and anything else that I grow, to help us save money through the winter.  I also sell at the local Farmer's Market, and work with our Farmer's Market Association.

Nathan Hudson

I do all this and more with the full support, love and understanding of my "better half", Nathan. Nathan pretty much has final say around here, but more often then not, he leaves me to run things as I see fit. Nathan is an awesome man, and connects with the horses like few others I have the privilege of knowing. He is also our Handy Man, ranch hand, and mechanic. He will also be the first to tell you he knows nothing about the internet, or how I do any of my online work.

Nathan loves the summer months, as they give him extra time outside. He doesn't even bother to come in to eat until dark, so I have learned to adjust to his schedule. He takes a lot of pride in Cloud 9 Ranch, and is currently working on a Wildlife Refuge on 10 acres of the property. His goal is to bring back some of the wildlife that he loves to watch.

We are both members of Back Country Horsemen of East Tennessee, a non-profit organization that works to help preserve our back country trails for recreational and stock use of equines.

Happy Trails!