5 Proven Reasons to Shop Your Local Farmers Market

Do you visit your local Farmers Market to get locally grown foods and baked goods? I am in love with our towns newest Market, and it is not just because I am on the Steering Committee.  We have some pretty awesome vendors, from farm fresh eggs and baby chicks to an Alpaca farm that sells yarn and products made with their fur-babies fiber, a couple of awesome food trucks that rotate, and lots of fresh veggies and baked goods. Our market only allows vendors who grow or produce their own goods.

  1. Know Your Farmer ~ You can get to know the many farmers that set up at Farmers Markets and how they grow their foods. Whether they use conventional, natural or organic methods to grow, or if they are just reselling what they have bought at a larger market.
  2. Ask Questions ~ You can ask the vendors questions, and understand how they are producing.
  3. Fresh Produce ~ If you want truly fresh  produce when the nutrional value is at it’s highest, the farmers market is the place to check out.
  4. Early Finds ~ Going early can yeild you the best finds of the day. The good stuff always sells out first
  5. End of Day Deals ~ When it is getting close to closing time, you can usually pick up some pretty good deals. Farmers would rather make a deal with you then have to take their produce home.


What has been your latest find at your local Market? Share what you love about it.