Cloud 9 Ranch is your local community produce farm and bakery.

At Cloud 9 Ranch, We take pride in everything we do. From growing our produce naturally, to ensuring the quality of our home made breads, sweet goods, jams, and jelly's. We offer fresh eggs, from our free-range chickens, who are free to roam daily on our beautiful 56 acre farm. All produce and baked goods that are sold to you at Depot Street Market, are grown and made right on the farm. We consciously make effort to use as many local ingredients in our baked goods and jelly's as we can source. It is important to us to show support of our local community and fellow farmers. As you may notice, we are working hard on making some changes for our baked goods. We are trying to create a division of our farm that is specifically for our baked goods. Our new Market specific name, will be "Blended Family Farms". Cloud 9 Ranch will still remain the main name for all produce grown or produced on the farm. Which will continue to be used in our baked goods as well. Please check out our Online Store and we look forward to seeing you at the, "Depot Street Market", every Saturday from May until October.

Our goal is to provide you with foods that healthy for the heart and soul, full of life and flavor, and to provide our Greeneville community with a local alternative to store-bought items.

Our Non-Gmo Promise

We do our best to use only Non-GMO ingredients in our baked goods and feed for the animals. Everything on the farm is as natural and chemical-free as possible.

Our Products and Services

At Cloud 9 Ranch, we want you to live a full, healthy life. We’re always expanding our line of delicious pastries, garden produce, breads, eggs, and more. Check back often, as our menu may change often! Here’s a quick list of our most popular products and services:

Fresh Eggs

... from our free-range hens

About our Eggs

Naturally-Grown Produce

... without harsh chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides

Breads and Muffins

... baked with Certified Non-GMO, naturally aged flour

Pies and Pastries

... made from old-time tested recipes

Jams and Jellies

... made with naturally raised fruit, either sourced from us or a local farmer

In addition, our compost is provided by our horses, cows, and chickens. Cloud 9 Ranch is truly a safe haven for our animals.

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